{An independent literary magazine in Lincoln, Nebraska}

Hello and welcome to The Lincoln Underground!

We are excited to announce that The Lincoln Underground (previously published 2012 - 2016) will be coming back to do a very special resistance-themed issue in 2018!

Are you a writer, poet, artist or photographer? Send us your work for our 2018 Resistance Issue now! We are taking submissions from October 1 - January 31, 2017, with the paper edition of the issue arriving in spring 2018.

Why now? Well, there is so much going on in our country right now that needs protesting in every way possible. We wanted to do our part, and that means creating a place for creative people to pool our work together for a common cause and collect works of art on the theme of resistance. As with any protest, our voices are stronger together than alone. So we hope that this magazine issue will, in some small way, contribute to the protest movement that says kindness, equality, compassion are important -- they are American values -- and we reject the racism, divisiveness, bullying and hatred of the current president and his administration.

A Little Bit About The Lincoln Underground

We published The Lincoln Underground from 2012 - 2016, with sixteen print issues and one final electronic issue. Find some of our previous issues at here.

From the beginning, what has set us apart is that we take submissions from anyone and everyone, and consider all submissions equally. We do not look at previous publishing credits, education, or other appearance-related factors, but we publish content solely based on the merit of the work. This has led to us publishing work by grandmas, kids, and poets who have been writing in notebooks privately for years, but never shared their work with anyone. We treat all work with respect. While we cannot publish all submissions, we will offer a kindly, informed critique of all work we must reject. Basically, we have decided to be the literary magazine we wish to see in the world. Note: at this time, we cannot pay our contributors, but we give all contributors a free copy of the magazine and the option to purchase additional copies at a reduced cost.

We are a small, independent magazine founded and edited by Amy Keller and Jeff Martinson, a husband-and-wife team. Amy is a singer-songwriter, artist, writer and accounting clerk, while Jeff is a poet, a carpenter, and hosts Poetry at the Moon every Monday night at Crescent Moon Coffee here in Lincoln. More info, including an About Us page, coming soon!