The Lincoln Underground - A quarterly literary magazine in Lincoln, Nebraska
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               Issues will be published and mailed at the following times:
  Spring 2014 Issue - late March 2014
  Summer 2014 Issue - late June 2014
  Autumn 2014 Issue - late September 2014 
 Winter 2015 Issue - late December 2014


Past & Present Issues of The Lincoln Underground:
   Inaugural Issue - Winter 2012    
Spring 2012 Issue:
Both Sides of Love, Danger, & Revolution
Summer 2012 Issue:
We've All Got Our Stories to Tell
Autumn 2012 Issue:
Fearsome Tales & Warm Reassurance
Winter 2013 Issue:
On Love, New Beginnings & the Creative Life
Spring 2013 Issue:
Our Friends, Our Families, Ourselves
Summer 2013 Issue:
Dreams & Responsibilities
Plus... Haiku Contest Winners!
Autumn 2013 Issue:
These Words Thwart Bullies
and Transcend Hopelessness

Winter 2014 Issue:
Loving, Leaving & Starting Over
with Sestinas!

Spring 2014 Issue:
Our Fairytales & Our Realities