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Our 2018 Resistance Issue is out now!

Find your copy at A Novel Idea Bookstore or Francie & Finch in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you're not in the Lincoln area, contact us at [email protected] to order your copy.

*Please note: Crescent Moon Coffee is currently sold out, but we will be printing more copies in the near future.*

Why a resistance issue? Well, there is so much going on in our country right now that needs protesting in every way possible. We wanted to do our part, and that means creating a place for creative people to pool our work together for a common cause and collect works of art on the theme of resistance. As with any protest, our voices are stronger together than alone. So we hope that this magazine issue will, in some small way, contribute to the protest movement that says kindness, equality, compassion are important -- they are American values -- and we reject the racism, divisiveness, bullying and hatred of the current president and his administration.

Resistance Issue cover art by Kishan Sinha

2018 Resistance Issue Contributors:

Lane Chasek

Alicia Curti

John H. Dobrovolny

Margo L.H. Foreman

Eleanor Hart

John Hawkhead

Ashley Heckman   

Amy Keller

Madeline Kimme

Ell Kinsey

T. Michael Manos

Jeff Martinson

Abbie Normal

Benjamin Okyerefo

Phip Ross

Patricia Scott

Kishan Sinha

Tom Ukinski

Mandy VanLaningham