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Submission Guidelines

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We're now taking submissions for our 2019 issue. The submission deadline

is January 31, 2019 at midnight CST (end of the day). 

Send us your prose, poetry, photos, and/or artwork!

Send your work to [email protected] or


The Lincoln Underground

P.O. Box 80511

Lincoln, NE 68501


Submission Guidelines:


We accept all types of poetry, song lyrics, artwork, photography, short stories, fiction, creative non-fiction, and any other type of creative work from people in and outside of Lincoln, Nebraska. As with most literary magazines, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are only able to publish those agreed upon by our literary team and which fit within the scope and focus of each issue.

Please keep fiction/non-fiction submissions under 2,500 words or break them up into segments that can be serialized in multiple issues. We accept up to five poetry/song lyric submissions at a time per person, up to two fiction submissions at a time per person (no more than 5,000 words total) and an unlimited number of photography or art submissions at a time per person. For photography and art, we encourage you to send more than two or three entries, since reviewing visual media is not as time intensive as written media. Though there is no limit for these, time constraints will probably not allow us to review more than 100 per person at the very most. Writing submissions can be sent in Word files or in the body of an e-mail. Art or photography can be sent via e-mail, flash drive, cloud drive, or links to your work online. Please keep in mind that all photography/art is printed in black and white, with the exception of the magazine cover.


The Lincoln Underground is diverse, eclectic, and publishes a wide range of work, from slam poetry to sonnets, zombie fiction to literary fiction, and many types of photography and artwork. We also quite enjoy social commentary and work that questions society and the government, as well as pieces that touch on your own life experiences or just how beautiful the falling leaves are. We also publish things that deal with tough or upsetting issues, from a thoughtful point of view. But please note that we will automatically turn down content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, ageist, sizeist, or of a hurtful or bullying point of view. Sometimes our fantasy work can have a degree of violence in it, but we don't typically accept graphic real-life violence.


You could say that most of our content is thoughtful, challenging, and thought-provoking. It may push the boundaries or make you a little uncomfortable sometimes, but it's not outright disturbing or extremely dark. Since every literary magazine has its own scope, tone, and personality, hopefully this gives you a good idea of ours. Please keep these things in mind when deciding whether we're a good fit for your work. If in doubt, send it in! We look forward to reading it.


Note: when we publish your work, you retain all rights to it. We have one-time rights to publish it, after which the rights revert to you. We prefer previously unpublished work. At this time, we are unable to pay our contributors, but we do give each contributor a free copy of the issue in which they are published, and the option to purchase additional copies at a reduced price.

Questions? E-mail us or drop us a card in the mail.

Comments and friendly pen pal letters are always welcome too!

Or send us a note via the contact box below.


The Lincoln Underground
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   Lincoln, NE 68501 
U. S. A.

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